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AquaCure® AC50 H2 Breathing Machine


Introducing the AquaCure® (Model AC50) - the ultimate solution for your hydrogen-rich water and Brown's Gas needs. Developed from over 30 years of extensive research and feedback from thousands of satisfied customers, this machine is our most advanced, safe and user-friendly Brown's Gas breathing machine to date.

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable, and safe Brown's Gas electrolyzer that is designed to give you decades of trouble-free service. Offering a 1-year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, you'll have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


AquaCure is designed for continuous operation without overheating, unlike some electrolyzers that can only operate for a short time without having to shut down to cool down. AquaCure is designed to operate 24/7/365, even when refilling with water, making it convenient for applications requiring continuous operation. AquaCure keeps its operating temperature below 39°C to minimize lye loss and increase electrolyzer lifespan.


AquaCure has a low water level switch that automatically shuts off the machine when the liquid level gets low. Other electrolyzer manufacturers do not mention this issue because they lack low liquid level shutoff. AquaCure shuts off the gas production when the liquid level gets low, preventing any danger condition. Additionally, AquaCure has a low level alarm and indicator light to signal when the liquid is low. Liquid level control is necessary in applications where the electrolyzer operates unattended for long periods.


AquaCure Model AC50 has a high water level switch that automatically shuts off the machine if the liquid level gets high. This feature prevents spitting lye into the gas when the electrolyzer gets overfilled. Additionally, the high liquid level shutoff is an important backup safety feature when the anti-backfill system fails.


The AquaCure AC50 has electronic buttons and display, allowing people to easily and accurately vary the gas output, which is essential for safety when making optimized hydrogen mixtures. AquaCure is specifically designed to help users prevent a gas mixture that contains more than 4% hydrogen while optimizing the gas volume for maximum value. AquaCure also has advanced and unique anti-backfill features to prevent back pressure from damaging the electrolyzer.


AquaCure has the ability to impress frequencies onto the Brown's Gas, which is electronically controlled, and AquaCure Model AC50 can have full gas production for all other applications or protocols, and the gas production can easily and appropriately be reduced to keep the mixture breathed non-explosive for any mammal size.


Attachments that come with the AquaCure include a Tower Cap, a humidifier, a medium water bubbler, an additional bubbling stone, a soft silicone Brown's Gas spot applicator, a 7-foot accessory hose, a TDS meter, safety goggles, nitrile gloves, and an AquaCure washcloth to catch drips. Optional attachments are also available.

The AquaCure draws about 250 watts and comes in BOTH 120 VAC and 240 VAC option (click the correct version button).  North America and Japan are 120 VAC, Pretty much everywhere else in the world is 240 VAC

Warranty includes parts, labor and shipping if issue is manufacturer related.  We’ve been in business since 1984 and expect to be in business at least another 20 years.  Warrantee is assigned to the Eagle-Research customer (the one who paid us the money) and is not usually transferable.

If warranty is invalid (because of resale or user abuse), we will still repair any issues for lifetime if the owner pays for parts, labor and shipping.  We still support all the products we’ve ever sold.

At times we are asked if Brown's Gas can aid in achieving certain results. However, we cannot guarantee any particular outcome since everyone's body is unique. Nevertheless, we are extremely confident that you will be pleased with our machine, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first AquaCure purchase for an entire year from the date you receive your initial machine.

If you are dissatisfied and wish to return the machine (even after using it for 12 months), please contact us to receive an RMA number and return instructions. Once Eagle Research assesses the machine, we will refund your purchase price (shipping, taxes, and duty fees are non-refundable). Eagle Research, in business since 1984, has an outstanding reputation in the industry, and our top priority is customer satisfaction.

Please note that Eagle Research may discount the refund to account for any customer-related damage, although standard wear and tear will not be discounted. We want to assure you that by purchasing from Saunafriend.com, you will receive the complete 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

Safety features are important in AquaCure model AC50 due to the fact that when water is converted into gas, it expands and can occupy up to 1800 times more space. Confined gas can cause a rise in pressure within an enclosed container, leading to an explosion or machine burst. The AC50 has a 2 psi electrical shutoff and a 3 psi over-pressure gas relief as multiple and redundant over-pressure controls to prevent this situation. The Brown's Gas, used on-demand and never stored, should not rise to an excessively high pressure. However, if the gas output hose gets trapped, the over-pressure control feature can safely allow the Brown's Gas to be used to fuel a torch.

The original basic chassis (VING) comes from China with a 15-20 psi operating pressure, which is dangerous. In addition, its mechanical pressure relief is set at 40 psi. Brown's Gas becomes more explosive as its pressure rises, and multiple and redundant over-pressure controls are essential for safety. Therefore, the VING pressure switch has been changed to a safety standard of ~2 psi.

The AquaCure uses a lightly caustic electrolyte mixture to achieve practical efficiency with minimal foaming and to promote long internal plate life. The mixture is technically caustic but can be safely used if appropriate care is taken. The AquaCure has state-of-the-art efficiency levels, drawing about 240 watts when at full gas production. It weighs about 16 lbs in operation, is about 12 inches high, 12 inches long and 9 inches wide, and draws about 2 amps for the 120 VAC version and about 1 amp for the 240 VAC version.

Aquacure AC50

Important Key Points

  • Generates a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gasses called Brown's Gas in up to 50 liters per hour.
  • Over 30 years of research and development, and feedback from thousands of customers.
  • Designed to be user-friendly, practical, reliable, and safe.
  • Additional features such as an hour meter and an easy-to-use electronic user-adjustable gas volume.
  • Comes with a Tower Cap, which makes it even simpler to use and more reliable.
  • Loaded with safety features and is built to worldwide industrial and safety standards.
  • Designed for continuous use with minimal maintenance - just add pure water as needed and rinse it out once every 100 hours.
  • Less costly than many alternatives that do not have the same safety or functional features.
  • Can be used for other purposes such as fueling a micro-torch and providing water and gas for the health of plants, fish, birds, reptiles, and other mammals.
  • Brown's Gas is medically certified in China, Japan, and other countries, and is extensively used for human health throughout Asia.

Studies and Research

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that Brown's Gas is safe for plants and animals to use for drinking and breathing, and current studies are proving that humans are having all the same benefits proven in plants and animals.

 The Molecular Hydrogen Institute is where we recommend going for a reliable and comprehensive resource for information related to molecular hydrogen and its potential health benefits. The inclusion of scientific studies and clinical trials, as well as links to other resources and products, suggests that the website is intended for individuals interested in researching and potentially using molecular hydrogen for health purposes.

Medical Disclaimer

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