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Dr. Hydroxy 1100 Hydrogen Breathing Machine

$2,250.00 $2,500.00

Introducing the Dr. Hydroxy 1100: A Premier Choice in Brown’s Gas Therapy

Discover the Dr. Hydroxy 1100, setting a new standard for affordability and performance in the Brown’s Gas market. With an impressive output of 1100 ml (1.1 liters) per minute, this hydrogen generator combines superior engineering with quality construction, all while offering complimentary shipping across the U.S.

Crafted by the renowned engineering minds behind the Promolife H2 Hydrogen machine, the Dr. Hydroxy 1100 boasts a design that is both simple and user-friendly. Enhanced with our exclusive deep clean process, the longevity of the electrodes is significantly extended, ensuring your investment continues to generate value over time.

To dive deeper into the world of Brown’s Gas Therapy and the groundbreaking benefits of the Dr. Hydroxy 1100, we invite you to explore this enlightening interview: [Click Here].

Your satisfaction and support are paramount to us. For an unparalleled customer experience and more information about how the Dr. Hydroxy 1100 can revolutionize your health regimen, please reach out to our expert team. Contact us at or call 1-888-471-4325 today.

Each unit is delivered ready for immediate use, featuring a straightforward setup procedure.

The package includes a Water Infusion attachment, an Application Cup, two Nasal Cannulas, a 6-foot Extension Hose, an Electrolyte Packet, and a PDF manual for your convenience. Note that no water is provided with the machine. It is essential to use only distilled water in both the machine and the purifying cups for optimal performance.

For guidance on setup, usage, and maintenance cleaning, we will send you instructions upon purchase.

Three simple methods to incorporate molecular hydrogen into your routine for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and combatting fatigue:

1. Employ the infusion stone to infuse molecular hydrogen into various beverages like water, tea, coffee, or juice, making it convenient to carry with you.
2. Use the nasal cannula to inhale hydrogen gas, allowing quick absorption by the body's crucial organs to foster healing and enhance functionality.
3. Apply the Applicator Cup to target hydrogen directly at joints or muscles, aiding in inflammation reduction and alleviating pain.

Oxidative stress plays a significant role in many of the ailments and diseases affecting your body. However, there is a way to combat the pain, inflammation, and fatigue that prevent you from living a fully healthy life. Free radicals launch assaults on your cells and mitochondria, undermining your well-being. Unfortunately, most antioxidant supplements fall short in effectively neutralizing free radicals, with some even exacerbating the issue. Molecular Hydrogen emerges as a natural and potent antioxidant solution. It works by attacking and neutralizing free radicals, pairing with their oxygen molecules to convert them into water. The HydroGenie offers molecular hydrogen for utilization via inhalation, consumption in water, or topical application. This hydrogen swiftly connects with free radicals, alleviating oxidative stress and offering prompt relief.

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