Well Water Test Kit for Radiological Contaminants

Test Kit Option:

CuZn’s Testing is performed by National Testing Labs (http://www.ntllabs.com/) ensuring accurate 3rd party analysis by an accredited lab. A copy of the water analysis will be sent directly to you, an additional copy will be sent to CuZn’s Well Water Experts.

Test Kits purchased from CuZn are STEEPLY discounted, we pass along our corporate discounts with National Test Labs to our customers.

Standard Radiological product includes testing for uranium, gross alpha & beta as well as Radon.

Purchasing a CuZn Well Water Filtration System

CuZn HIGHLY recommends having your water tested Radiological Contaminants if never before checked in your private well water. 

It is not possible to test for a wide range of contaminants with a simple in home water test used by local services or DIY testing kits. Having your testing done by a 3rd party ensures accurate, unbiased results.

CuZn Recommends going with the Basic Option First and if elevated gross alpha & gross beta emitters are detected, proceeding with the Deluxe version of this test for more detailed analysis for system design purposes.

These test results can be used at your discretion, if you wish to pursue quotes from other manufactures or dealers, you may certainly do so. We are confident you’ll find CuZn offers the most knowledgable advice, best design solutions, highest quality product & most affordable prices for your home’s well. 

Already have a water analysis performed? Email the report to sales@cuzn.com or call 800.345.PURE(7873) to share your results with a CuZn Water Specialist. 

How CuZn’s Water Testing Works:

Step #1 When you order a test kit, National Testing Labs will ship you a kit with simple instructions for taking a water sample. Once you have completed those steps, you will mail the water samples(s) back to National Testing Labs. 

Step #2 The test results will be sent directly to you & a copy will be sent to CuZn as well. An experienced CuZn Well Water Expert will contact you to review the results via phone and email. We’ll recommend the CuZn Well System that is the best fit for your needs & budget. CuZn manufacturers all well water systems in house, so we are able to customize and/or combine systems on an as needed basis. 

Step #3 Order your CuZn Well Water Filtration System. CuZn’s whole house systems arrive assembled and ready for installation. Our water system designs make it simple for any plumbing service or relatively handy home owner to install.

About the Well Check Test Kit Options:

The Well-Check Test Kit (Radiological) Basic will detect if there is radiological contamination in your well. 

Standard Radiological product includes testing for uranium, gross alpha & beta as well as Radon. Uranium is a naturally occurring element that is considered mildly radioactive. Uranium is present in most soils at a couple of parts per million, but can be much higher in certain rock formations. Uranium is known to cause problems with kidney toxicity and potentially some forms of cancer. The EPA has established a maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 30 parts per billion for uranium in drinking water. Radon is a gas that can accumulate in groundwater. It is a health concern because it can be released into the air and when inhaled is known to cause lung cancer. The EPA does not currently regulate radon. Gross alpha particles emit radiation due to unstable atoms and include isotopes such as uranium 238, radium 226, radon 222 and thorium 232. The EPA has established an MCL of 15 Piccocuries (pCi) per liter for gross alpha. Beta particles are subatomic particles emitted from radioactive atoms. Beta particles are equivalent to electrons and have a charge of negative one. For a complete list of items this water testing analyzes, click on the Information Sheet below.


Don’t know if your have Chlorine or Chloramines….? Send us your Zip Code & we’ll check and see what your Municipal Water Treatment Facility reporting.

– Email us: sales@healevations.com Live Chat or Call David @ 303-514-9465

Alternatively, if you prefer to research yourself, visit the website of your Municipal Water Provider and review their Annual Water Quality Report (also called Consumer Confidence Report in some cases). When Chloramine is used instead of Free Chlorine, they’ll list the Disinfectant on the report as “Chloramines”, “MonoChloramine”, “Total Chlorine” or “Combined Chlorine”. If you can’t find the information regarding whether Chlorine or Chloramine is added to the water as a disinfectant, you can give the Municipal Plant a call to confirm. Of course, we’d be happy to do this for you as as well, simply provide us your zip code and we’ll do the rest!

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