WHWCC-Venturi Well Water Aeration System for Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide


The WHWCC-Venturi Aeration System is a great choice for relatively low but still pesky levels of Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide. The main advantages of this system are the simplicity of design, no waste water (backwash free). Additionally, since this system is backwashing free, no Iron will be sent to your septic tank, which will extend the life of the septic system.

WHWCC-Venturi Well Water Aeration System

Electricity free, Chemical Free & Wastewater Free! It works by a venturi system that will pull oxygen into the water line as the water flows through the venturi. If your well’s Iron level is below 4ppm & the pH is 6.8 or greater this Venturi System should provide sufficient aeration, an aeration pump & flow kit are not required for Iron levels within those parameters.

The injection of air will knock the Iron out of solution into physical particles (turning Ferrous Iron into Ferric Iron) that are easily caught by a simple sediment filter. The 5 Micron post sediment filter can easily catch the ferric iron that precipitates out of the water. The 5 micron post sediment filter will need to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on water use & level of Iron.

If Hydrogen Sulfide is also present, this will be off gassed via the air release valve. If Hydrogen Sulfide or Methane is present, you must run a section of air duct to the outdoors to avoid these gasses from building up.


Don’t know if your have Chlorine or Chloramines….? Send us your Zip Code & we’ll check and see what your Municipal Water Treatment Facility reporting.

– Email us: sales@healevations.com Live Chat or Call Us @ 1-888-471-4325

Alternatively, if you prefer to research yourself, visit the website of your Municipal Water Provider and review their Annual Water Quality Report (also called Consumer Confidence Report in some cases). When Chloramine is used instead of Free Chlorine, they’ll list the Disinfectant on the report as “Chloramines”, “MonoChloramine”, “Total Chlorine” or “Combined Chlorine”. If you can’t find the information regarding whether Chlorine or Chloramine is added to the water as a disinfectant, you can give the Municipal Plant a call to confirm. Of course, we’d be happy to do this for you as as well, simply provide us your zip code and we’ll do the rest!

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