Clearlight vs Radiant Health Simple Comparison

In this blog, I'll break down the key differences between Clearlight Far Infrared Saunas and Radiant Health Far Infrared Saunas, providing valuable insights for those in the market for an infrared sauna. Through my industry expertise and years of experience selling thousands of saunas to people all over North America, I'll outline three main criteria for evaluating sauna value: company reputation, heater technology, and cabin quality.

In wrapping up the comparison between Clearlight (Premier) and Radiant Health saunas, it's essential to address the broader landscape of sauna reviews and comparisons. While sources like Certified Saunas or insights from Matt Justice are valuable, it's crucial to approach each review with an understanding that biases may exist.

From my extensive experience and in striving to provide an honest review with minimal bias, my preference strongly leans towards Clearlight. Having personally used and thoroughly evaluated both Radiant Health and Clearlight saunas for their efficacy, quality, and overall value, my recommendation is clear. For anyone seeking advice, especially those dear to me, I would advocate for Clearlight without hesitation.

The decision ultimately rests with you, the buyer. When considering the relatively minor price difference—often just a few hundred dollars—it seems an easy choice for superior quality and value. However, everyone's needs and priorities are different, and it's important to choose a sauna that aligns with your specific wellness goals and budget.

Please note: This comparison primarily focuses on the Clearlight Premier model in Basswood, rather than comparing it to the Sanctuary models or those made of Mahogany wood, which are more expensive premium saunas.

Company Background and Ethics


  • Over 25 years in business, founded by a wellness practitioner.
  • Notable for creating thousands of satisfied customers globally.
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty on products, emphasizing their build to last.
  • Founded on strong ethics with a focus on high therapeutic benefit.

Radiant Health

  • Also known for its solid track record and wellness-focused founder.
  • Offers a seven-year warranty on saunas, with lifetime coverage on the cabin.
  • Regarded for quality products that deliver good health results.

Heater Technology


  • TrueWave heaters combine carbon and ceramic for optimal therapeutic wavelengths.
  • Heaters are positioned strategically to avoid direct head heating, promoting safer use.
  • Boasts a high watt density, ensuring effective and deep detoxifying sweats.

Radiant Health

  • Uses standard carbon, which emits lower surface temperature, potentially affecting the intensity of heat felt.
  • Heaters placed above the head, which may not align with wellness best practices by heating the head directly. Infrared panels above the head are wasted infrared energy. There's no need to build heaters that way unless there's a need for more surface of heaters to get the sauna temperature to rise.
  • Features carbonized fabric covering heaters, which might slightly distort infrared wavelengths.

Cabin Quality and Features


  • Offers Mahogany or hypoallergenic basswood, ensuring premium quality and sustainability.
  • Innovative cabin features like ergonomic benches, backrests, and optional upgrades for therapeutic light and full-spectrum heaters.
  • Emphasizes safety with low EMF levels and quality craftsmanship. Pioneered LOW EMF carbon infrared saunas in 2008, and since have been the gold standard. Guarantees it. 

Radiant Health

  • Exclusively uses hemlock wood, which is less preferred for finish and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Simpler cabin design with heaters in the bench and ceramic tile flooring, which can get uncomfortably hot.
  • Limited customization options and lacks the advanced ergonomic and therapeutic features of Clearlight.

Price and Overall Value

  • Clearlight is positioned as a premium option, justified by its superior materials, construction, and warranty. The extra cost is seen as a valuable investment in long-term health and wellness benefits.
  • Radiant Health offers a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. However, the differences in warranty, cabin features, and therapeutic outcomes should be considered.

In conclusion, while both companies provide quality saunas, Clearlight offers greater overall value due to its commitment to safety, therapeutic benefits, and customer satisfaction. The choice between Clearlight and Radiant Health depends on individual preferences, budget, and health goals.

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