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As experienced holistic coaches and the team dedicated to Sauna Friend, we are passionate advocates for the health and well-being of those who are accepting responsibility for their own healing and wellness, and for the health of the planet.

Over the past decade, we have transformed our own healing journeys and combined our diverse experiences to share how emerging technologies, natural medicine, and a holistic lifestyle can powerfully assist individuals in restoring or maximizing their health and performance. By exploring various healing modalities and embracing this holistic perspective, we've found effective ways to achieve optimal well-being.

As a result, we have personally learned to shift away from the current colonized medical paradigm and helped individuals and families around the world do the same.

At the cornerstone of our evolving practice, we have developed hard-won expertise in making an in-home sauna a key element of a our personal do-it-yourself wellness and longevity program.

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We quickly learned in our careers that in the burgeoning alternative health market there are too many competing products that are poorly built or extracted, ecologically unsound, disregard safety standards, and do not exhibit a commitment to satisfying real needs. This confusing situation presents a withering challenge for anyone seeking to enhance their physical well-being.

Recognizing this daunting predicament, we founded Sauna Friend to represent the client and the commitment to the long-term satisfaction and well-being of our community. As a source of expertise and insight for creating and catalyzing healing spaces for homes and businesses, Sauna Friend provides access to products and services that meet only the highest standards of quality, integrity, and effectiveness.


Our mission is simple: improve the well-being of others and the planet, and thus eliminate needless suffering.

By encouraging lifestyle improvements with the science of well-being and the purchasing of ecologically sound products, we are assisting in co-creating a shift away from the "old medical paradigm."

In recognizing a great need for a shift to a new medical paradigm, our advocacy can be understood more broadly in these categories: Supporting the host by following an ancestral diet, restoring health with the Root Cause Protocol, learning to live sustainably, sourcing and growing local food, and supporting emerging small businesses that value long term sustainability.


Service | Honesty and Integrity | Empowerment | Ethical Sales

We not only care about the quality of the products we make available to our clients, we care about your long term satisfaction and well-being. By valuing people over profit or branding image, the focus shifts. When you talk to us, you're not talking to a sales person. Our Home Wellness Specialists are not only trained in technicality, they are working wellness professionals that walk the talk.

We value honesty and integrity by providing knowledge based service instead of incentivized responses. This puts you ahead of the product, and our attention on sourcing only the highest quality products we can find and recommend. We know what works, because we've thoroughly vetted each product ourselves, and have researched and personally tested hundreds of other related products on the market.

As such, our immediate goal is to support others in reclaiming and maintaining their health and vitality from the comfort of their home or by visiting one of our local centers to experience the lifestyle we support.

Our broader goal is to support others in following their deepest passions in life, and providing them with insights into their pillar of health that will help maximize their beneficial impact on the planet.

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Located in Longmont, CO our support for Bringing Wellness Home is done by first doing it ourselves.

Considered an emerging Center of Aliveness, Alîv House is now open to the public by appointment only starting May 21st, 2022.

Schedule an appointment for a free 40 minute tour and consultation where we can dive into any questions you have about our home wellness center from saunas and cold plunge, to energy medicine, and metabolic nutrition.

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