With over 10 years experience in the industry, we have demoed almost every sauna model out there, including the salesmanship and customer service. 

We could rep almost every brand out there, but choose only Clearlight Infrared™ Saunas. 

We're not like most sauna dealers. 

We don't just post a sauna on a website and hope you’ll stop by and grab a better price after another salesman has already done all the selling from another company. 

In fact, that's not what we're looking for. We are looking for people we can create a long and fulfilling relationship with as a satisfied customer by providing additional value and inspiring you into a lifestyle for enhanced vitality and longevity. 

Here’s some of the added value when you buy from Sauna Friend: 

  • Best price guarantee! We will match or beat any of our competitors prices. Why? First, we always recommend not simply going with the best price. We want to honor that other sales professionals may spend their time and energy working with you to make an educated decision on a purchase. We also know that you want to feel comfortable and right about the person and company you’re working with. That’s why we are aiming to provide you more value than just selling you a product at a reasonable price, and in part why Sauna Friend™ was created.   

  • FREE after sale education platform for Home Wellness. If you purchase any high ticket item from us, all our online courses will be FREE (up to $500 value) including courses on detoxification, holistic wellness, product usage and training, and new, cutting edge home wellness inspirations from our blog and podcast. Although this is in the works, we are working diligently with leading wellness experts in their field to bring you valuable, ethical, and potentially life changing informational courses for your health and longevity in an emerging world. And if you follow, you'll be in the know on everything Home Wellness through all our platforms.  

  • NEW Product Launch Discounts. Although Infrared Saunas are on the top of our list for Home Wellness products, that’s only the beginning of the lineup. As we launch new products, all our current customers will have the opportunity for launch discounts. It’s our goal to inspire healing homes and to empower you with only the most innovative and proven Wellness Tech available. We like to call this Bio-Harmonizing your living space. To us, it's ONE of the most important things we can do to prepare in being in the world today.

  • Refer a Friend and Affiliate Opportunity. Have a friend interested in a sauna also? Refer a friend and you can give them an additional $100 off and get $100 back. If you’re a blogger or business and want to refer on a regular basis, we’ll be accepting affiliate applications in the next 30 days.