Sauna Friend

Additional 300W Full Spectrum Heater


Enhance your infrared sauna experience with an extra Full Spectrum Heater

Turbo charge your Clearlight sauna by adding one of our optional Full Spectrum Heaters to any Clearlight sauna model. Feel an additional 300 watts of deep penetrating mid, near and far infrared to soothe aching muscles, relax your body and take your sauna session to the next level.

Our optional Full Spectrum Heater measures 24” x 7“ x 4" and mounts
on the interior sauna door to provide more healing infrared heat.
Our door heater is designed to safely and securely plug into a special built-in receptacle in the front of your sauna. Every Clearlight sauna has this feature built in at the factory to allow you to take advantage of this and any future upgrades as they are designed.

NOTE: Listed below are the saunas with the additional 300W Full Spectrum Heater that require the following electrical setup: 

Sanctuary 2
Premier IS-C

NEMA 5-30P 

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