AROMA ONE® Diffuser by Clearlight


Aromatherapy dates back thousands of years. Ancient cultures incorporated aromatic plant components into balms and oils to take advantage of the health benefits. The knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils began to spread when seafaring merchants exported essential oils around the world making essential oils one of the earliest trade items of ancient times.

The Clearlight AROMA ONE® Aromatherapy Diffuser has been carefully engineered both for effectiveness and safety.  

The Clearlight Value

Turn any room into your own aromatherapy oasis with the Clearlight AROMA ONE Aromatherapy diffuser. Just add a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil to water for a fragrant, long lasting mist. Enhance your mood and energy with Aromatherapy.

  • Cleanses the air.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Improves clarity and focus.
  • Boosts your mood.
  • Helps clear airways for easier breathing
  • Minimizes the effects of seasonal conditions
  • Ultrasonic Technology - This diffuser uses ultrasonic, high-frequency technology to convert the water and essential oil into a fine mist that is dispersed into the air evenly, delivering natural aroma to enhance your mood.
  • Mood Light - The gentle glow creates a peaceful environment.
  • 2 step fan speed - User controlled low or high fan speed.
  • Run Time - Up to 4 hours of continuous runtime.
  • Automatic Shut-O Protection: When the reservoir is empty, the unit will shut off automatically.
  • Reservoir Capacity: 60ml.

What’s in the Box:

  • AROMA ONE® device
  • USB-C cable
  • Wall mount & screws


  • Width: 4”, Height: 6 7/8”, Depth: 2 1/2”
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Water Tank Capacity: 60ml
  • Power: 5V/2A USB-C Input

Accessories  & Buying options:

  • The AROMA ONE diffuser can be mounted inside of your Clearlight Infrared Sauna or be used as a standalone diffuser.
  •  Optional rechargeable battery

Instruction Manual

Warranty - 1 year

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