5 Reasons to Use an Infrared Sauna

Greetings, in this blog we'll be bringing you a critical look into why an infrared sauna should be part of your lifestyle. Let's dive into the 5 primary reasons to use an infrared sauna. 

Before we dive in, it's essential to comprehend that sauna use has been a long-standing part of the human experience for thousands of years - proving its value and efficacy over time (Reason #1). Nowadays, sauna use is rapidly becoming a staple in households across the globe due to its continuous innovation and global recognition.

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Introduction - My Experience and Outlook

As an individual who has looked into countless health products, I can confidently state that the sauna is a beneficial addition to anyone's lifestyle. Even more so if you choose an infrared sauna. In fact, there isn't one person whose wellbeing would not be improved after using it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an effective way to promote longevity, but additional health tools can make all the difference in terms of protecting against illness and restoring wellness during times of difficulty. Here are 5 key reasons why you should incorporate saunas into your routine for maximum health benefits.

#1 - Saunas have withstood the test of time. 

Dating back to its origins over ten thousand years ago in Finland, saunas have permeated through Northern Europe and evolved throughout the centuries. While wood burning was once used as their primary source of heat, now most saunas rely on electricity for warmth. Unlike the traditional sauna which heats up the air, a modern infrared sauna warms your body directly with its radiant heat. For over seven decades, scientists in Japan have been utilizing the power of infrared sauna technology. And today, research has proven that it is still the most efficient and modern method for delivering heat therapy to your body. Human beings are extraordinary, and our creativity has driven many of the great health innovations in modern times. And without a doubt, I would argue that the infrared sauna is one of these incredible creations. After having been around for millennia, saunas must be doing something right. Otherwise, we would have forgotten about it long ago and moved on to other modalities.

#2 - Infrared Saunas have parasympathetic effects. 

Infrared saunas that are calibrated to emit wavelengths closely mirroring those of the human body have been found to induce parasympathetic responses. When you are in a state of rest, your body is able to repair itself and heal any wounds or injuries. Additionally, it allows the regeneration of organs which helps them restore their functions better. Have you ever considered why snuggling with someone can be so soothing when feeling overwhelmed? It's because this relaxation response calms down the nervous system allowing stress levels to decrease.

Physical contact can also induce a parasympathetic state, allowing your nervous system to relax and giving you the chance to calmly observe rather than being caught in fear's grip - as if something was chasing after you. Taking a mere 30 minutes every day to unwind and destress can be one of the best presents you give your body, even if it's not in an infrared sauna. This will help reduce your fight or flight response as well as provide you with much needed restorative energy. Our nervous system is incredibly important, it dictates how we age and interact with others. If you're dealing with any health or relationship difficulties due to stress, consider trying an infrared sauna – a great addition to your lifestyle that could help reduce tension in all aspects of life.

#3 - Infrared Saunas are an effective detox tool.

In today's world, environmental health is an urgent and growing concern. Our planet has become contaminated by industrial waste left behind from factories and the use of hazardous chemicals in agriculture continues to create runoff that pollutes our air and water. Environmental health professionals and organizations dedicated to prevention are more concerned than ever with the various environmental chemicals permeating our water, food sources, personal care items and ultimately causing their way into our bodies. With an alarming rise in numbers of these toxins present in nature today, it's no wonder why so many people have begun advocating for change.

Have you ever wondered how many of these questionable, potential toxins are making their way into what we put in our mouths? The US Food and Drug Administration has identified up to 2800 international food additives as well as 3000 chemicals that are added directly to our foods annually. Yikes! When you consider the chemicals involved in food production, from farm to table, that number can rise up to a staggering 10-15 thousand! I have included citations for my sources at the bottom of this page and also suggest watching Ten Americans, an informative video created by Environmental Working Group.

It's clear that this extreme exposure to toxins is not normal or healthy. Recent research studies indicate a connection between many of these chemicals, like Glyphosate, and cancer. If your health is a priority to you, this is something to keep in mind and should be reason enough for utilizing saunas on a regular basis.

A sauna session can help eliminate toxins from the body, including those stored in your liver and kidneys. Sweating out impurities is just one of the many benefits that a sauna experience provides. And though the Finnish people likely used their saunas to keep out pathogens, today we need saunas for more than just that. Our bodies rely on healthy circulation and metabolism to survive, so while we strive to fight against the environmental pollution caused by humans in this age, it is essential that we maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By detoxing harmful toxins with a Clearlight Sauna and minimizing our exposure to toxins, we are helping our body's metabolism run at its peak performance. For those in need of additional detoxification methods, such as someone with MTHFR, research has demonstrated that the infrared sauna is more effective at eliminating toxins than a traditional sauna. You can see the references in the description.

#4 - Improved Circulation

When you power up your infrared sauna, an electrical current starts to warm the infrared heating elements. At Helaevations, we offer Clearlight Saunas that utilize the advanced heaters called Truewave. These heaters are made with a combination of carbon and ceramic compounds and will peak at a perfect surface temperature of 190-200 degrees Farenheight approximately 15 minutes after you turn on your sauna. An even spread of heat penetrates your body, invoking vasodilation and ultimately enhancing circulation. Vasoconstrictors decrease circulation, so you can imagine that you’ll start to feel relaxed almost right away.

As your body absorbs the heat from the emitters, it will cause you to perspire and as a result increase your heart rate as your temperature rises. Just by sitting here for a few minutes, you can get cardiovascular benefits with the mixture of vasodilation and increased heart rate. Studies also show that sauna use is associated with reduced risk of cardiac, all-cause mortality. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, consistent use of a sauna can stimulate your cardiovascular system in a way that's equivalent to running while also helping you burn calories.

Unconvinced of the benefits of saunas? Do a quick Google search to discover hundreds of studies that prove just how advantageous they can be, even infrared ones! Sweating is only one of many perks.

#5 - Immune System Boost

With the deep-penetrating heat of some infrared heaters, you can increase your core body temperature and experience a simulated fever. But why would anyone want to induce such an artificial fever? Simply put, it is because fevers are an invaluable natural tool for boosting immunity in the face of illnesses - as evidenced by how our bodies respond when we fall ill with infection. Not only does hyperthermia improve your immune system and enhance the elimination of toxins, but research also reveals that it can greatly reduce viral load to treat depression. Overall, this process has been proven to boost overall health and resilience against disease.

Interested in a Clearlight Sauna? On average, just 30 minutes in a Clearlight Sauna is shown to increase body temperature by 2.5% and heart rate by 68%.

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