Deciding between RADIANT HEALTH and Clearlight? A Brief Comparison...

Radiant Health, a Canadian-based company with years of experience under its belt, is comparable to the well-known brand Clearlight. Much like the pioneered LOW EMF Clearlight saunas developed by Dr. Duncan in 2008, Radiant Health is also successful at decreasing both electric and magnetic fields inside the sauna environment. Nevertheless, their low-output infrared heaters come with certain drawbacks such as poor placement and a limited warranty on the cabins.

Undoubtedly, Clearlight emerges as the top choice because of its innovative design, numerous add-on features and a Lifetime warranty. Moreover, it offers unparalleled heater quality and placement that are superior to any other sauna brands in this category. Investing in a sauna can be costly, so you need to make sure that you get the one with the highest value and an unbeatable warranty from a reputable company. With those traits combined, your purchase will be well worth it!

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Attention: If you observe bloggers discussing which sauna has lower EMF (Clearlight or Radiant Health), be aware that the data obtained may not be accurate and could trick viewers or readers. Clearlight saunas guarantee LOW EMF/ELF ratings in compliance with the Swedish standard and World Health Organization. In 2008, they set the trend with their work in this field - and Radiant Health followed suit a few years later. If you are worried about EMF in your sauna, the best course of action is to purchase a meter and test for high exposure levels. This way, you can ensure that your sauna isn't placed in an environment with already elevated EMF readings - providing the most accurate results and avoiding any misleading outcomes. 

After careful consideration and thought, I give Radiant Health the following ratings: 

Company - A 

Cabins - B

Heaters - B

Here are my overall ratings for Clearlight: 

Company - A+

Cabins - A

Heaters - A+ 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note that the models which should be compared here or in question are any of the Radiant Health Saunas and Clearlight Premier saunas, NOT the Clearlight Sanctuary units. Even then, this is not really an apples to apples comparison. Furthermore, the insights gained from this comparison can be applied to evaluate products offered by other brands.

Heater Design

The effectiveness of an infrared sauna is contingent upon the quality and orientation of its heaters. Selecting the ideal materials (carbon, ceramic, metal etc.), and correctly positioning the heaters in relation to surface temperature are key components of ensuring an optimal infrared sauna experience. Despite all the marketing buzz, there are two fundamental types of infrared heaters: ceramic and carbon-based. For over a decade, Clearlight has utilized ceramic heaters in some of their earlier models. Now, the brand competes with its patented Carbon/Ceramic True Wave Heaters – an advancement that sets them apart from competitors and allows for more advanced technology to reach consumers. Ceramic radiates a lot of infrared, though the temperature runs high and thus produces shorter wavelengths that aren't easily absorbed -- an effect known by Wien's Law. These heaters are slender and must be spaced apart, which means there will be pockets of decreased infrared absorption as well as warmth. Consequently, companies like Radiant Health opt for the newer carbon heaters.

In comparison to a standard carbon heater, Radiant Health's "Carbon Flow" heaters do not provide any extra advantages. Carbon heaters have become increasingly popular in the industry as they produce lower surface temperatures than traditional ceramic heaters, resulting in improved infrared absorption. The large surface area also maintains a consistent temperature throughout the sauna, eliminating hot or cold spots. Despite their many advantages, one drawback to carbon heaters is that they are relatively low output and do not generate substantial amounts of infrared. Companies must construct their saunas with the heaters installed up to the ceiling in order to attain a desirable air temperature. For this same reason, Radiant Health and other organizations position their heaters this way. All of this heat is lost potential, as infrared radiation must be strategically aimed at the body in order to be fully absorbed.

Potential Hazard: Not only is the heat from above shoulders wasted in other saunas, but Ayervedic practice also considers it to be hazardous. That's why Clearlight has designed their model with heaters that go no higher than 24" up from the bench: they respect and adhere to traditional Ayervedic beliefs to not heat the head directly. This way you can enjoy a safe and comfortable sauna experience!

Clearlight stands out from the competition due to their patented TrueWave infrared heaters, which have been specifically designed for maximum therapeutic comfort. To learn more about Clearlight's unique advantage of having these specialized heaters (Read more HERE). After extensive testing, Raleigh Duncan - founder of Clearlight - discovered that adding a ceramic compound to the carbon fiber heaters substantially increased their emissivity and infrared output. The difference between a Clearlight sauna and a radiant health one is palpable. For instance, at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you will feel considerably hotter in the former than you would in the latter; that's because it has an increased output and surface temperature compared to its counterpart.

Clearlight's infrared heaters are positioned 24" above the back and side walls to maximize its impact by focusing directly on your body and efficiently increase your core temperature. No heaters are installed above your head in order to get the cabin temperature up. The unmatched, patented heater design from this company is trusted by some of the world's best medical clinics like Hippocrates Health Institute or Arcadia Cancer Clinic in Germany and professional sports teams such as The Boston Red Sox and Miami Dolphins. This technology has earned its renown through its efficacy and commitment to safety.

Heater Placement

To see if a company grasps the fundamentals of whole body infrared heat therapy, take note of where they set up their heaters. It's an easy way to tell! Infrared radiation travels in a direct line, not like conventional hot air which circulates around the cabin. Because of this it is imperative to position infrared heaters surrounding your body for optimal results - raising core temperature and providing effective heat therapy. To ensure even warmth and comfort, Clearlight strategically places infrared heaters on the back wall, side walls, lower sides, calf area, flooring and two front wall heaters. Radiant Health provides an insufficient number of front wall heaters in their single and two-person saunas — only one respectively. To top it off, they keep the remaining infrared heaters above your head. This is a telltale sign that Radiant Health does not understand how to use infrared therapy properly for its users’ maximum comfort and benefit. Unfortunately, another heater is placed in a spot that can be significantly uncomfortable for most people: right on the bench.

Even though you can get results with this method, it is not the most comfortable and efficient option available.

Cabin Design and Features

Clearlight saunas come with an array of impressive features, such as a reversible ergonomic to flat bench, built-in backrests, Nakamichi speakers and optional Bluetooth connectivity. Plus their 22" deep benches offer plenty of space to lounge comfortably while also enjoying the added benefits of chromotherapy or color light therapy - available in both Premier and Sanctuary models. The Premier model is equipped with 15 LEDs and 6 colors, but if desired, it can be upgraded to the more advanced Sanctuary option that features 96 LEDs and 12 color options. Furthermore, Clearlight offers options for Red Light therapy and halotherapy that can be used to enhance the sauna experience at any time - something not available from Radiant Health.

Clearlight Pros: Ergonomic design, therapeutic enhancements, Nakamichi Speakers with BT option, and contemporary design, chromotherapy, easy setup.  

Clearlight Cons: Unable to purchase feature free or a very basic, cheaper cabin. 

Radiant Health Pros: Cup holder, full surround of infrared, chromotherapy, easy setup.  

Radiant Health Cons: No ergonomic design, no enhancement options, uses outdated CD player without BT option, classic rigid design, tile floor, heater in the bench. 

Wood Types

With Cedar no longer an option for most companies, Clearlight has stepped up to the plate and created their cabins with two wood types - Basswood and Mahogany- giving buyers a darker alternative. Alternatively, Radiant Health exclusively relies on Hemlock to build their cabins. It is important to note that this particular type of wood isn't meant for furniture grade finishes and usually used as a structural component—not an ornamental one. Hemlock offers a more lasting scent than the odorless varieties, which can be bothersome for some. In addition to its fragrant aroma and undesirable yellow color variations, it is also the least expensive type of wood available when constructing a cabin--making its cabin's 65% wood cost much cheaper than investing a Clearlight Sauna. Believe it or not, 65% of the expenses associated with materials needed in creating an infrared sauna come directly from the wood. Learn more about the various types of wood below.


Basswood, as it is most commonly known in North America, is the lightweight, high-quality wood of the Linden tree. Its color is white to a light brown throughout the grain of the wood. Knots and other defects are uncommon. It has a fine, even texture, natural luster and is considered remarkably easy to work with.

Basswood is used in many applications where longevity and stability are required. It is hypo-allergenic with a very low reactivity rating.

Sauna users who are very sensitive to smells (also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) may want to consider a sauna made of white woods like Basswood. These woods have less of an aroma than Mahogany and may be more comfortable for people with MCS.


Mahogany is a straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas and part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae. Mahogany is used commercially for a wide variety of goods, due to its coloring and durable nature. An exceptionally durable hardwood, it is the ideal choice for furniture and fittings around the home.


Western hemlock is typically used for general construction, roof decking and plywood, as well as for laminating stock and the production of glue-laminated and solid beams. Its strength and stiffness make it a preferred material for use in horizontal components and longer spans. Western hemlock is the most plentiful tree species on the coast of BC. it’s color ranges from light blonde to yellow. 


Radiant Health offers a warranty that is standard amongst most companies: 5 year coverage on electrical and heaters, lifetime protection for the cabin; however, please keep in mind that shipping costs or labor will not be covered. Clearlight offers a comprehensive warranty on all components of the sauna; from heaters and electronics to audio, cabinetry, and chromotherapy. As long as you own your sauna, it’s covered by Clearlight's unbeatable warranty. Clearlight not only offers a dedicated service department to handle any issues, but they also provide free labor and shipping on components for the first 7 years - making it an ideal choice. With over two decades of offering lifetime warranty services, I expect Clearlight will still be around to take care of any issues with your sauna. And unless you're buying from a rare local dealer, any sauna you buy will be warrantied by the company you purchase it from.

The Clearlight® Brand

At Healevations, we prioritize customer service over making sales. As a sign of our commitment to you and your well-being, we are proud to offer additional Clearlight® services without charge if you make a purchase from us.

If you're interested in pricing and information on how to purchase a Clearlight Sauna, go to our web page HERE or give us a call at 1-888-471-4325.

As the only infrared sauna designed by a doctor, Clearlight® Saunas are at the forefront of health, wellness, and safety in the infrared sauna industry. They were the pioneers of low-EMF carbon based heaters and one of the only companies reducing the ELF to safe levels. They also guarantee you won't test high levels of EMF or ELF in your sauna. Learn more HERE.

Their True Wave™ carbon/ceramic far infrared heaters offer superior, high-quality infrared heat providing maximum benefit in every session. They are designed for heating the body, not for recreational use or to simply increase the air temperature. They are built 24" up from the bench on the back walls, side walls, under the bench, next to your calves, under the floor and on the front panel to focus the infrared energy on your body.

Clearlight Saunas are exclusively advocated and used in clinical practice at Hippocrates Health Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Arcadia Cancer Clinic, and Beth Israel Hospital just to name a few places. You can find many reputable and well known doctors, nutritionists, top athletes and performers, and bloggers that also endorse them. 

See Clearlight's info sheet on Innovative Engineering & High-Grade Materials

See Clearlight's info sheet on Infrared Saunas Safety Certifications and Testing

As one of the leading manufacturers of infrared saunas for over 25 years and a proven track record, a limited Lifetime warranty and a brand name you can trust, you can be sure this will be a one-time purchase providing benefit in your home for many years to come.  

Clearlight is a licensed Class 1 Medical Device in Canada: Canadian Medical Device License

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