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"Our mission is to support, guide, motivate, educate, strengthen and empower you to reach your goals. An infrared sauna from Sauna Friend is a powerful tool to assist with that.”

-- Aleks Rybchinskiy, Primal Fusion Health


If you'd like to make a purchase from us and support our small business, we hope you'll give us the opportunity to offer continued added value by providing the following:

  • Guarantee you the Best Price on any product
  • We represent the client, not the manufacturer. Because of this, we are able to serve your long term wellness needs and customer service through our developing platform.
  • Exclusive client pricing on practitioner formulas for optimal metabolic health.
  • 2023 Q1 Launch of our community site and access to our online master class on detoxification, metabolic health, and how to maximize your health using your infrared sauna.
  • We donate 10% of our profits to organizations that are working to save our planet and prevent environmental illness such as EWG.ORG and more!


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Why do we recommend ClearLight® Infrared?

Our Top 3 Reasons:

The Clearlight® brand

These are quality-crafted, low-EMF Saunas from a brand name you can trust.

Innovative Engineering & High-Grade Materials

ClearLight® infrared saunas are expertly crafted out of eco-certified Mahogany or hypoallergenic Basswood, so they're built to last.

True Wave™ Heaters

Clearlight's True Wave™ carbon/ceramic far infrared heaters are designed for therapeutic benefit, so your body can heal and recuperate naturally.


Trying to decide between Sanctuary and Premier Saunas?


Features Sanctuary Full Spectrum Premier Far Infrared
Low EMF/ELF Yes Yes
TrueWave Far Infrared Heaters Yes Yes
Eco-certified Mahogany or Basswood Cabin Yes Yes
Never Fails Digital Key Pad Yes Yes
IOS/Android App Control with Reservation Mode Yes No
Bluetooth/MP3/AUX Smart Device Connectivity Yes Yes
High-Fidelity Nakamichi Speakers Yes Yes
Vibrational Resonance Therapy (VRT) Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Ergonomic Backrest and Bench Yes Yes
Ceiling Vents Yes Yes
Limited Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes
Modern Glass Roof Yes No
Classic Wood Roof No Yes
TrueWave Full Spectrum Near/Mid/Far Infrared Heaters Yes Upgrade
Medical Grade 96 LED Lights Chromotherapy with 12 Color Sequence and Remote Control Yes Upgrade
Standard Chromotherapy with 15 LED lights and 7 Color Sequence No Yes
Built-in Smart Device/Audio Charging Cabinet Yes No

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