Electromagnetic Fields, Effects, and Ways to Avoid Them


Introduction to EMFs

Almost every day I am asked about EMFs in saunas and other products people purchase online. The majority of people I talk to don’t know what EMFs are and where they come from and get confused by the various snake oil salespeople online who use fear-based marketing. In this blog we will outline what EMFs are, how they can affect your biology and mentality, and what you can do to avoid exposure or mitigate it.

Four Types of EMFs

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequency. These frequencies are measured as AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, radio-frequency EMFs, and so-called “dirty electricity.”

AC magnetic fields are caused by some, but not all, outside overhead and underground power lines, as well as three indoor sources: wiring errors, electric current on metal water pipes and other grounding paths, and point sources such as motors and transformers. 

Electric fields, which most people don’t know about, come from voltage, which is the pressure of electricity on 120 Volt hot wires in plastic-jacketed circuits in walls and in plastic AC power cords to lamps and other appliances. Electric fields will effect you if they're within six to eight feet of where you sit, sleep and stand, particularly in bedrooms.

Radio-frequency EMFs come from indoor wireless transmitters such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cell phones, tablets and laptops; and outside sources, such as smart meters, cell towers and radio and TV broadcast towers.

Dirty electricity (DE) is defined as magnetic and electric fields at harmonic frequencies above 60 Hz, which is the fundamental frequency of most DE because that is the frequency of house wiring in North America. In those parts of the world with 220 Volt electricity, you will have DE from harmonics of that fundamental frequency. You can also have other frequencies as your fundamental frequency, such as 20,000 Hz (20 kHz) from a solar panel inverter. Sources of dirty electricity can include dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), variable speed motors in new, energy-efficient furnaces, most solar panel inverters, power tools, and other sources.

EMF Exposure and Effects

As you can see in the image above, there are many devices and sources of EMFs. Most people today are exposed to some level of radiation from electronics on a daily basis. EMFs create a field that vary in their levels or readings. Therefore, if you stand far enough away from a device, you will minimize if not eliminate your exposure to its EMF. 

According to the World Health ORganization (W.H.O.), EMF Exposure should be limited to 3 mG (milliGauss) at any given time. Several studies have shown high exposures (above 30 mG) to be potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing), particularly in professions where people are exposed to these levels all day, like welding. Though studies are inconclusive with respect to the full range of health problems caused by EMFs, statistical evidence strongly indicates that electromagnetic stressors are real, and the health issues caused by EMFs may go far beyond cancer.

Some people are highly sensitive to EMF’s. Those who are highly sensitive may not be aware, and usually sensitivity is coupled with exposure to other toxins such as chemicals and mycotoxins. Bottom line, all disease is caused by stress of one kind or another, so we want to minimize our stress on all accounts.

The following are other potential effects of exposure to EMF’s:

Health Risks EMF

EMF’s and Infrared Saunas

Unfortunately, the infrared sauna industry is filled with high-EMF saunas and companies that lie about their EMF levels or deny that EMFs are a problem. When you find a company that says they are LOW EMF (all types), you’ll find that most are now taking initiative to reduce the AC magnetic fields, but very few are doing anything to reduce electric fields (EF).

To learn more details about this, I recommend THIS review by Orem Miller, who is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist based in Los Angeles.

NOTE: For several reasons that have to do with quality and efficacy, I can only advocate the Clearlight (Jacuzzi) Saunas out of the 3 saunas Orem lists. If you are in the market for an infrared sauna, please contact me if you’d like a buyer’s guide or consultation.

How to Reduce Exposure

Avoiding EMFs

The #1 way to avoid EMFs is to not expose yourself in the first place. You can test the fields in your living and work areas with a reliable meter. For reliability, cost, and range of testing, I recommend this inexpensive meter by GQ.


Earthing and Grounding Mats

Although grounding mats and earthing could mitigate the effects of EMF’s, it isn’t yet scientifically proven. I personally own a grounding mat and sit on it daily. The problem is you might still pick up some dirty electricity, so earthing is more effective in my opinion.

Action: Spend a MINIMUM of 15 minutes a day barefoot in the grass or dirt. To take it a step further and for an in-depth understanding, read the book Earthing

Earthing Book

Orgone Energy Pyramids

If you're into natural stones and sensitive to subtle energy fields, you may consider Orgone. I recently purchased this Orgonite Crystal Pyramid from Orgonite Crystals because I was moved by the founder Muhammad's story. After receiving my Orgonite Crystal Pyramid, I was highly impressed with the quality. Not only are they beautiful decorations, they do hold an energetic imprint of balance that harmonizes the surrounding environment.

You can also make your own organite and many people do. It has become a hobby for people all over the world, including the Orgonite Crystal Team, a family-operated business From Gujarat, India where I purchased mine.

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