Steps to Getting Started with Your New Infrared Sauna

Congratulations on getting your own infrared sauna! I have seen the incredible impact they can make in regards to one's wellbeing and health, which is why I affectionately call this 'the infrared phenomenon'. To help you make the most out of your home infrared sauna, here is a basic checklist to review before and after delivery as well as some key usage tips.

Coming soon will be more blogs on how to leverage the power of infrared saunas and reach your personal health goals, where I'll discuss how to optimize your infrared sauna for maximum benefit. 

Step 1: Ensure Proper Electrical Setup 

Before you can bask in all the benefits of a sauna, you must ensure that it is wired up correctly to an appropriate electrical outlet. If your electrical service is inadequate for powering a sauna, it may not power on or reach its optimal temperature. Unsure of the power requirements for your sauna? Consult with your representative from the company you purchased it from or check out specifications in either the sales receipt or owner's manual that was sent to you. In most cases, you can also find the electrical specs online by doing a search.

Step 2: Wipe Down the Surfaces

Once your sauna is constructed and plugged in, make sure to wipe down all its interior surfaces with a damp cloth. This will eliminate any dust created during the manufacturing and shipping process.To get the job done, I suggest utilizing a microfiber towel. For glass surfaces, you can also opt for a chemical-free or ammonia-free cleaner. 

Furthermore, if you are particularly sensitive to dust, it is advised that you don a dust mask before handling the components or even opening the packing boxes.

Step 3: Run the Sauna Before Use

After you finish cleaning the sauna, it's advantageous to turn the sauna on at its highest temperature for an hour or two; this will ensure that any lingering particles are eliminated through heat.

Once you’ve run through this short checklist, your sauna is ready to be used!

Basic Usage tips

You're probably wondering how often to use the sauna, but before we dive in further, please keep in mind that none of my advice should ever substitute for any medical instruction. If you experience discomfort or confusion about this matter, always make sure to consult your doctor first and foremost. That being said, let's delve into when it is best to use your infrared sauna.

A Personalized Wellness Journey

Utilizing a sauna is an individualized experience - the amount of use will depend on your unique health and wellness objectives, and what other methods you are combining to achieve your desired results. Transforming our lifestyles can deliver long-term rewards, allowing us to reach various levels of health and wellness. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest taking advantage of my complimentary Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire. For access to the questionnaire, simply click on the link provided in our Infrared Sauna and Detox Support Group description on Facebook (Click HERE)! By pinpointing your personal wellness priority zones, you'll determine how frequently to take advantage of the infrared sauna. As one of my beloved teachers Paul Check once said,"Prescription is only as effective as assessment." In order to ensure optimal results and progress forward, it's essential that we start with where we are at instead of where we want or wish to be.

For those with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, regular infrared sauna sessions can help promote wellbeing and longevity. To enjoy the full benefits of this practice, aim for 3-5 times a week in between 120-140°F temperatures. Though keep in mind, Infrared therapy is low temperature therapy and is more effective at lower temperatures. Using your sauna at lower temperatures allows you to stay in longer and get more therapeutic benefit. It is considered to be a low temperature therapy because the infrared energy from the elements transfers into your body, providing you with an internal warmth. Once the heaters reach peak output after about 15 minutes, it's time to jump in for maximum benefit. However, if you prefer a hotter environment then simply wait until the air temperature rises higher.

Don't be misled! Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have an infrared sauna reaching temperatures of 170 degrees or higher in order for you to reap the rewards of heat shock proteins. An increase in body temperature activates the release of heat shock proteins, and this can be achieved with various infrared saunas or traditional saunas on the market. By engaging in an intense physical activity regimen, you can reach this same result.

We recommend using your Clearlight Infrared Sauna as follows: To begin your sauna session, start by turning the thermostat to its highest setting. Allow it to heat up for about 15 minutes before you step inside. To ensure a comfortable experience, set the duration of your session at somewhere between 20 and 45 minutes in length. As you relax during this time period, be aware that the internal temperature should have increased from 115° - 125°F once you complete your sauna experience. Keep in mind, it isn't just the air temperature that is promoting healing; it's the blend of carbon and ceramic heaters emitting infrared rays. Your body will absorb these rays, raising your core body temperature to induce sweating. So make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of electrolytes!

Electrolytes? Here's a few of my top picks for the sauna:

Biocean Pure Marine Plasma

Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail

What is the Optimal Temperature for My Sauna Experience?

If you have a moderate level of health and wellness, it is safe to visit the sauna up to seven days a week at elevated air temperatures ranging from 130-140 degrees Farenheit. If you are suffering from major health issues or attempting to recover from chronic illness, I suggest utilizing the sauna for two to three times a week at lower air temperatures ranging between 105º-120º Fahrenheit. This will help your body gradually enter into its journey of healing and recovery.

Unsure how your body will respond to infrared therapy? To ensure the best experience, start with a short session at lower temperatures and gradually build up for longer exposure.

Don't forget that it isn’t the air temperature in an infrared sauna that warms your body, but rather the radiant energy emitted by the emitters. When you use a Clearlight Sauna, these emitters reach full power after just 15 minutes of being on.

When your sauna is activated and the thermostat set to a high air temperature, you will be able to control the AIR heat by opening and closing the door during use. By doing this instead of readjusting your temperature gauge, it guarantees that all infrared radiators will remain 'on' for the entire session - exactly how you want it! The aim is to promote full-body infrared therapy over the entire duration of the session. To top it off, the Clearlight Sauna has a vent in its roof.

As you relax in the sauna and bask in the healing infrared wavelengths, your body will be positively impacted on multiple levels.


The first thing you'll experience when sitting in your infrared sauna is vasodilation - an immediate calming sensation that also increases blood flow. Improved circulation is a welcome surprise for many, and it could be life-changing. This directly reduces physical and mental tension by supplying the body with enriched blood flow. As a result, this converts your system from an emergency sympathetic state into one of renewal and recovery in the parasympathetic healing environment. 

Detox, Sweat, and Lymphatic Health

You can expect to start sweating around 5-15 minutes into your session, when the elevated heart rate and body temperature stimulates perspiration. This also helps activate your lymphatic system and keep your immune system functioning optimally. Looking to perspire faster? Utilize a vibration plate machine or light exercise prior to entering the sauna for an amplified stimulation of your lymphatic system. This will not only facilitate quicker sweat, but may even promote fat burning and weight loss.

With Clearlight saunas, the idea is that infrared frequencies will resonate with water molecules in your cells to unlock toxins and release them. Several studies have confirmed the theory that infrared saunas produce more toxic sweat than traditional saunas. This is evidenced by higher toxicity levels observed in infrared-derived sweat samples compared to those from a conventional type of sauna. Furthermore, keeping your circulation running efficiently can support the normal detox processes of your organs like livers and kidneys. It's no surprise that individuals experience a greater sense of energy, clarity, and even euphoria after taking a sauna. This could be the reason behind this phenomenon known as "runner's high".

When spending time in a sauna, it's important to remember that after 40-50 minutes of intense perspiration, your body will start depleting essential electrolytes. At, we highly suggest that everyone consult our Supplementation Reference Guide under Root Cause Medicine for guidance and advice. Bear in mind that individuals on a restricted diet may be more vulnerable to electrolyte imbalance and, therefore, will need increased levels of supplementation.

Towels and Cleaning

When you're done with your session, remember to shut off the sauna and take out the towels. To keep everything clean and sanitized for everyone's safety and maintaining the longevity of the cabin, be sure to use white towels that allow you to bleach them naturally afterwards. This way, they'll remain germ-free and in perfect condition ready for their next users.

Subsequently, you may wish to clean your sauna or prepare it for the following session. It is not necessary to sanitize the sauna after each use, however if you want to ensure that your cabin remains hygienic and fresh then try out an organic chemical-free cleaner from Clearlight (contact us for purchase) or even a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle.

NOTE: You can make the most of your used towels and utilize them to apply a cleaning product when sanitizing your sauna. Refrain from spraying liquids directly onto the infrared emitters since this can damage them.

If you're looking for the finest essential oils to enhance your sauna experience, Mountain Rose Herbs should be at the top of your list. Our customers always rave about their selection and quality.

After Use

To finish off, once you're done with the sauna session and it's cooling down, open the door to let in some fresh air. After working up a sweat, you could choose to cool off with a cold shower or even an ice plunge.

If you’re in a generally good state of health, don't hesitate to use the sauna every day - even if it's just for 10 minutes. Many people will opt for lower temperatures and shorter session times; as soon as their body starts perspiring, they stop. This not only provides an immense feeling of tranquility but can also improve your circulation up to 8 hours after the session has ended.


In conclusion, I hope this blog post has been helpful for you. If there are any questions that remain unaddressed, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. My name is David Drimmel and Healevations is my creation; thank you so much for tuning in today! Until next time!

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