BIOSUPERFOOD contains more nutrients per ounce then any other food. It's the MOST POTENT ORGANIC SUPPLEMENT that will positively impact every cell in your body, backed by the largest microalae research ever. 


  • Provides daily required nutrients in support of energy, protection, regeneration and recovery


  • Provides daily required nutrients in support of energy+, protection+, recovery+, regeneration+, fitness+ and performance+ + More carotenoid reaction than F1k


  • Provides daily required nutrients in support of energy++, protection,++ recovery++, regeneration++, fitness++ and performance++ ++ More carotenoid reaction than F1k/F2k 

Baby boomers will love it too.

A bottle should be on the breakfast table of every family.

Its benefits are often felt overnight! 

Step 1


Add  BIOSUPERFOOD F1K to your cart and complete the purchase. Remember that you’re covered by a 90 days risk-free guarantee

Step 2


Start nurturing  all your body cells with our powerful blend of microalgae as soon as you receive your bottle of compress

Step 3


Feel rejuvenated, and more vitality, and watch your chronic conditions and aches slowly disappear, leaving you free to live your life


The mixed carotenoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene contained in our formula cross the blood iris and blood brain barrier to efficiently nourish critical brain organs and improve mood, memory and focus.


Chlorophyll is to plants what blood is to humans – essential to metabolic functions such as growth and respiration. Chlorophyll, being comprised of magnesium, plays an important role in calcium absorption and utilization.


Procures superior nutritional protection against the symptoms of aging with tangible feelings of renewal.


Contributes to eliminating excess buildup of heavy and toxic metals in your veins and arteries, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.


Contributes to eliminating excess buildup of heavy and toxic metals in your veins and arteries, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.


Most nutrients are not able to cross the blood-brain barrier, a layer of cells that protect your brain from harmful substances, but that ends up blocking even good substances.

This means that your brain never receives the required amount of nutrients to operate at its best.

BIOSUPERFOOD F1k, due to its completeness, balance, synergies, and bioavailability, is an extremely efficient food and its thousands of nutrients easily reach and nourish the cells of certain areas of the brain that are more difficult to reach than others.

This awakens the region of the brain governing organs of our metabolic health, namely the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal glands, and cerebellum.

Ultimately, these organs and glands are responsible for regulating all physiological metabolisms, including energy. These metabolisms include the endocrine system, the sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems, the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system, and the digestive system with its critical assimilation, absorption, and elimination functions.

By nourishing these systems at cellular levels, you awaken again the power of your body to heal itself, extract more nutrients from the food you eat, regenerate and strengthen organs, and reduce the aging processes.

When Reactor 1 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded on April 26th, 1986, neighboring Belarus received 70% of the radioactive fallout and thousands of children and adults were affected with radiation poisoning.

Dr. Kiriac was able to work locally by adding Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC), the same microalgae blend contained in today’s BIOSUPERFOOD F1k, to the diet of some victims and observing in many the supportive regenerative power of microalgae.

Despite the continuous presence of radiation as well as contaminated food and water sources, many improvements were noted: dangerously low white blood cell counts were significantly redressed; regeneration of bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood, and liver; and 40% reduction in urine radioactivity levels. Numerous children and adults benefited from this powerful microalgae blend and are alive today. In 1993 the Belarus Ministry of Health concluded:

“algae preparations decreased Cesium-137, Strontium-90, and significantly promoted the evacuation of radionuclides from the human body.”


Unique blend of four microalgae.

Nowhere else will you find a multi-algae filled capsule containing so many diverse and interactive elements. The synergy of the nutrients within the blend delivers much more than the sum of its parts.

The result is a paradigm shift.

The principles of food combination is that certain foods, when eaten together, deliver greater nutritional value then when eaten separately. On the microscopic level this principle can yield significantly more potent results. At this stage, it’s no longer an art – it’s a science.

The unique algae blend found in our capsules is the result of 15 years of extensive research in multi-algae combination.

Alone, no single algae can deliver such synergistic nutritional efficiencies. Because of the proven results obtained during long years of research, we know that these formulas deliver the perfect nutritional blast, and are undoubtedly, ounce for ounce, the most efficient food on earth.


For its large protein and mineral values – The Spirulina Pacifica microalgae belongs to the blue-green algae family. Invisible to the naked eye, it is one of the most nutritious unicellular food on earth that grows naturally in oceans and salty lakes in subtropical climates. Its protein content, with all essential and most non-essential amino acids makes up about 65% of its dry weight – much greater than that of beef. Spirulina Pacifica is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, D3, E, K, of thousands of enzymes, of over 60 minerals and trace elements, and a large portion of chlorophyll. Spirulina Pacifica is a rare source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – an essential fatty acid necessary for tissue growth and regeneration. Due to its fully digestible soft lipid polysaccharide cell wall membrane, all its nutrients are fully assimilated, absorbed and utilized by the cells of our body.


For its complimentary protein and mineral values – The Spirulina Platensis microalgae, also of the blue-green family, closely resemble its cousin Pacifica. It grows from alkaline brackish and saline waters in tropical and subtropical regions and, like the Pacifica, its high protein content includes all essential and most non-essential amino acids. Platensis is a rich source of vitamins A, B, E, D3, K, and of thousands of enzymes, dozens of minerals and trace elements and is rich in chlorophyll. Like Pacifica, Platensis is another best source of essential fatty acids including Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), nutrients that are necessary for tissue regeneration and growth, and its nutrients are fully assimilated, absorbed and utilized by the cells of our body. When blended together, Platensis and Pacifica offer the entire family of amino acids and more minerals/ trace elements, vitamins, fatty acids and enzymes than any other food on earth.


For its extraordinary natural level of vitamin C, and its rich mix of carotenoids – Dunaliella Salina, is a single cell, salt-water microalgae that under appropriate growth conditions can accumulate large amounts of beta-carotene. Dunaliella contains other carotenoids such as alpha carotene and xanthophylls like zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and lutein, and for this reason is nicknamed “the queen of carotenoids”. It also accumulates very high concentrations of glycerol. High concentrations of beta-carotene and glycerol in Dunaliella Salina offer protection from the saline conditions and osmotic pressure of the environment where it grows while it delivers similar protection support to the consumer. The natural mixed carotenoids found in Dunaliella Salina are nature’s most efficient cellular energy and antioxidation agents.


For its high astaxanthin content – The astaxanthin in our formulas occurs with Haematococcus Pluvialis, the world’s greatest source of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid pigment nicknamed “the king of carotenoids” because of its extraordinary antioxidation support efficiency. Scientific literature shows that astaxanthin surpasses by far the supportive antioxidant benefits of vitamin C and vitamin E. When occurring with other carotenoids in the blend, astaxanthin significantly improves cellular energy, oxygenation, antioxidation, and preventive inflammatory response. Additionally, scientific research has proven that several carotenoids in the blend like lutein and astaxanthin span and cross cellular membranes including those of the blood-retinal barrier, the blood-brain barrier and the central nervous system, allowing for greater nutritional and energy support for these harder to reach cells – this more efficiently than any other antioxidant or food on earth.

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